We will give you some information about things and places that we don't write so much about in our blog.


Since our blog is more about our daily life on our trips and review of hotels and restaurants, so we don't write so much about other information that can be of use for you travellers out there.


We will from 2019 begin to look little more into vlogging and share little more about our daly life on our travels. We are today not full time travellers but we have plans to travel more in the near future.

We will try to give out one new video everyday when we are on our trips so you can see how we have it.


We are new to this vlogging concept so I guess we need little time to get it right. 

We will have some information about different topics that can be of interest for all that like to travel.

Here will be something for the first time traveller and for you that are an experiment traveller and backpackers.


Information like:

  • Travel tips
  • Travel agents
  • Information about tourist spots
  • And other relevant information that you need.

In this we need some help from you traveller since we cant check all places around the world or Philippines as we use some time and travel around in.


We hope this will be an informative page for you and that many will use it. Since here will be doing some changes and adding of new information all the time it can.

Some of the ways you can support us and find a good hotel at the same time