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This years trip will be from .................. around Philippines to take photos and make some videos from the places we visit. (For the places we will visit see further down the page)

This time will we use most fast ferries so we can see some more of the different places we visiting so we are also looking for partners that can give us a discount on there overnight rate or ticket price.

We are interested to hear from:

  • Hotels,
  • Resorts,
  • Airlines
  • Restaurants
  • Shuttle boats
  • Tour operators

Or others that want to help us in any way they can, or can offer us a cheap stay in your hotel/resort or a ticket on a plane, boat/fast ferry or train on one of our trips.


When it come to the bronze, silver and gold sponsor ship so will they be online later, this sponsor deals will offer some more then just the add in our page and blog. And that is what we working on and will have on place before we open this sponsor deals.

For the moment it's just the ordinary sponsor deal that is open.


Is this of interest so send us a mail and tell us what you can help us whit and we will get back to you as soon as we can. 


Here is our Mail address Or if you just want to make a donation to our travel budget use our Paypal . Every small contributions are welcome.

We will have a banner from your company on our homepage (The 8 first will have there banner on the front page whit an banner max size 215 x 105,  and on our blog  max size 210 x 102  for 1 year as a repayment for this deal.


If you don't have any banner so can you make one on this pages.

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Plus we will have an add for your company on our travel video that will be posted on 3 different video sites to reach more people. 

All banners will have an link to your homepage or Facebook page.

The video sites are

Places we will visit on this trip are

Our trip this year will go to the following destinations. It can be that we will add some places since we wish to give you a complete list over the places we are going. We will write of the day to day things we do in our blog.

  1. Tacloban: Philippines
  2. Makati: Philippines
  3. Puerto Galera: Philippines

The idea for the trip is to take pictures for our picture book that will be sold in a limited addition and that you can pre order if you like, send us a mail and it's done.